Filters for industrial and Locomotive

Umar Farooq Belting offers a wide range of products in the diesel Locomotive segment. We focus on technology and quality in industrial filters market where safety is the No.1 concern for all our customers.

  • Locomotive
  • Railcar
  • Auxiliary power
  • Track maintenance

A-la-Carte Filtration

Our broad product line covers wide variety of application and we have capability to manufacture industrial filter for any equipment as per your specification. Whether you need a custom made filter or an OEM product, we have all covered.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help in industrial equipment filters.


Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter Manufacturer in Pakistan

We are leading manufacturer of automotive filters with two flagship filter brands ZIX Performance Filters and ICON Economy Filters tailored toward high-end and budget markets respectively. We are the quality manufacturer of oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, and hydraulic filters. Our continuous research and technology innovation efforts makes sure that automotive filter users receive top quality filter for their vehicle engine and machinery. There is never a quality compromise on our filter products therefore we offer money back guarantee on our products. We also manufacture private label filters with your brand name on it.

PVC & PU & PVK & PE conveyer belt

We can customize PVC & PU & PVK & PE conveyer belt according to your requirements 


Item Heat Resistant Rough Top Portable Conveyer Belt with Best Price
Thickness 0.5-12mm
Width ≤3000mm
Material PVC/PU/PVK/PE
Color Green, white, petrol green, black, grey, dark grey, dark green, sky blue, orange, yellow, transparent, etc
Pattern Smooth, diamond, saw tooth, both way saw tooth, rough top, matt, squire rough top, stripe, dot, lozenge, checker, golf, wave rough top, herringbone, treadmill, mini-grip, crescent, tape, majiang, solid-woven, sort tooth, etc.
No. of Plies 1ply, 2plies, 3plies, 4plies, and so on
Coating’s Feature Antistatic, thicker, harder, deeper, softer, fire-resistant, oil-resitant, cold-resistant, etc.
Fabric’s Feature Flexible, kevlai, felt, low-noise, jogger, cotton
Working Temperature -25/+80 ℃

PU Food conveyor belt

PU Conveyor Belt is produced under advanced technology with improved production material properties. These are designed for changing industrial environmental requirements. It is more efficient & effective compared to PVC Conveyor Belts.

PU Conveyor Belt Origin

We offer imported long-lasting machine friendly PU Belt. PU Conveyor is available in different thicknesses (1, 1.5, 1.75, 2 mm & more) in 1, 2 & 3 ply options. Our PU Conveyor is imported from Switzerland | Germany | Spain | India & China as well.

PU Conveyor Belt Installation

We are conveyor belt stockiest & supplier in Lahore Pakistan from decades. We have installed PU belt in various industries especially in food industries. Industries should install PU Belt if belt carrying products passes closely from heat, cold or cooling heating tunnel. At this place PVC Conveyor is failed or gives small life span. So, it is better to pay little more in one time then to repeated paying less. Replacing also stops production for some time. Most of industries are shifting from PVC to PU. It gives longest life & minor repairs. It is light weight which makes it easy to install.

PU Conveyor Belt Quality

Two types of surfaces are available i.e., Plain MAT and Finished with polyester bottom including inside layer of PU. We can install Carriers Sidewall Conveyor as per specified customer’s requirements like height, width, gap between carriers and offer Belting Joint too.

  • FDA & EU Approved and available in Halal Content too
  • Friendly to products
  • Sealed Edges | Bonded Plies
  • Oil Resistant
  • Durable & Reliable Belt
  • Minor Conveying Costs
  • Easily Clean & Efficient at work
  • Good Abrasion Resistance
  • Suited for both small and large pulley diameter
  • Classically designed for Heat and Cold environment
  • More Shafts grips to reduce slippage
  • Presently available in White, Blue & Green color

Stock lot of Auto timing belt for sale

We have a big quantity of Automotive timing belt stock lot for sale.

All belts made by HNBR Quality made in china.

124RU24     500pcs

124RU25     300pcs

124ZA26      100pcs

124ZA19       200pcs

129RU25      500pcs

133RU25      100pcs

107YU22       300pcs

All belts aproximently 3000pcs

V Belt in Pakistan

We are leading importer, Distributor, Wholesaler in Pakistan since 1999. We buy v belt  from Europe, USA, and China.our mission to sell good quality. we sell quality brand Goodyear, Bando,Optibelt, Contitech. and deal all major brands around the world.We provide v belt  to All industrial,agricultural and automotive machines.Say to Umar Farooq Belting for quality v belt and fan belt.


Folder Gluer Machine Feeder Belts

Folder Gluer Machine Feeder Belts

Folder Gluer Belts…

Perfect offers Folder Gluer & feeder belts for packaging & gluing machines, box folding & corrugated cardboard industry. These belts exhibit:

  • High co-efficient of friction for exceptional gripping
  • High dimensional stability
  • High resistance to abrasion, oil & solvents.
Technical Specifications
Grade Construction Traction Layer Total Elongation Min Pulley
  Top Cover Bottom Cover   Thickness at 1 % strain Dia
  Material Colour Material Colour   mm N/mm mm
PT-30 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 3.00
PT-40 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 4.00
PT-50 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 5.00
PT-60 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 6.00

NBR:    Nitrile Butyl Rubber

We also offer Customized Belts Grades.
All above products can also be supplied in Toray Polyamide Sheet imported from Japan.


Kodak Computer to Plate Machine Belts

CTP palte making beltUmar Farooq Belting have always been curious to solve all it customers problem they face in belting or running their machines. One of our customer was facing problem in their CTP machine. Their original belts were damaged and no backup were their on Kodak Computer to Plate Machine Belts.CTP Belts Kodak

We were requested to install Kodak Computer to Plate Machine Belts and literally it our also first time we saw V-shaped belt are conveying Offset Printing Machine plates. Technically we can call them V-Belts doing job of Conveyor belts but the problem was to joint belts at machine and Materiel need for Kodak Computer to Plate Machine Belts should be elastic.

Kodak Computer to Plate Machine Belts

Computer to plate beltsWe love to serve our customers and solve their critical problems. Don’t hesitate to write/call us 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  We are their to provide you best of our services & products.

stocklot of timing belt,v belt




buy v belt-timing belt- grinding wheels

Now a day we deal in only stock lots of rubber v belt,timing belt,Bearings,
cutting,polishing, grinding wheels & paper,and many more industrial and
automotive items.If you have don’t hasitat to contact us with your minimum rates
and condition.

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